Modeling, Writing and More Query Letters.


The last two mornings have been quite productive as far as writing goes. I have been at my computer by 6:45 am with a nice cup black tea researching agencies (I must stress that knowing exactly what an agent or agency is currently looking for is pertinent. You do not want to waste time querying someone that simply is not interested in your genre in the first place!), preparing book proposals, and sending queries off. I felt like a real writer…until it came for me to start getting ready to be at my day job by 9:00 am sharp…well, preferrably five minutes early, actually.

I admit that I have been a little obsessed as of late in getting my query letters out there. Even on my breaks at work I have been able to send the odd one out.  You see, I know this all takes time and patience, but I am absolutely ready to be a full time writer. I know, I know. The thing is though, I seriously have so many story ideas looming around in my head and I need the time to sit down and get them out. Still, the great thing about a writer`s mind is that the ideas can be stored away in your imagination until you are ready to let them out on paper, or Microsoft Word in my case.

I am very pleased to have sent out a total of four queries in the past two days – and to agents that I have actually taken the time to investigate (Okay, that sounds weird!). Bring in the fact that today is Friday – which includes a short work day at my office, an hour long lunch with a friend, my third portfolio shoot (I am a model as well!), and an action movie tonight with my hubby and sister.  Oh…and I am off to the big T.O. tomorrow to check out two big modeling agencies.

Yes, more agents!! Hahaha.

Hmm…top model and ground breaking novellist. Sounds great to me.


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  1. Good luck with your query letters! I’d given up on mine for the moment, but you just gave me inspiration to try again. 🙂

  2. If it’s any consolation, I initially sent out queries like a query-addict, without much research. After 100 or so rejections it finally got through to me to focus on quality not quantitiy. After another huge revision of the ms. AND query letter, it got accepted on the 3rd try. Good luck. It’s a tough market right now. Patience is what it’s all about (and that’s not my favorite virtue).

  3. Thanks for the good advice!! It is encouraging to know that after you did the huge revision on your work and the query letter that you got accepted so soon! 🙂 I have been tweaking the query letters for my two books since no one had bitten yet. I have also been editing the two manuscripts for the umpteenth time and I am still finding room for improvement! It is amazing what a writer can see after taking a good three month break from a manuscript.

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