Autumn Awesome-ness

With fall just around the corner, I am already in the midst of writing two more novels. A long drive up to Sault Ste. Marie gave me the opportunity to complete twelve pages for one of the stories.  I find that autumn in general is very inspiring for me as a creative writer.  The crisp air. The darker colours found in fashion. The stark, leaf-less trees that create a new setting from the lush, fruitful summer season.  I love fall. Yes, I miss the hot summer nights and swims in the lake, but for my mind to burst with inspiring ideas, late September, October, and November are my best friends in the creative realm.

Don’t get me wrong. Other seasons can have inspiring moments, too. There is just something about post summer that gets to me.

It’s odd and sweet how the mind works. Reading fall fashion magazines, with their exquisite editorial pages, also inspires me. I think of the story behind the model wearing the amazing clothes and often eccentric hair and makeup. Also, a lot of commerical fashion ads get my mind spinning. Those Burberry ads with the military coat-clad kids actually inspired an entire story. That is why I love fashion and why I chose to model. Art can be expressed in so many different mediums and I think that models can convey an intriguing personality to clothing. Is the girl wearing the black trench coat and riding boots a tough hunter that enjoys riding her spirited mare through the woods? Or is she a determined career woman that drives a red Porcshe and knows how to kick box? I could go on and on about this. There is something really awesome about a woman wearing neo Civil War getup. I had better stop.

The new condo, which is surrounded by a quaint neighbourhood and many trees, has also aided my writing. My writing room is slightly gothic. Well, okay, it is pretty gothic. It has three black walls with a deep red accent wall. My black keyboard is sitting in the corner. A poster or two of my favourite metal bands hang in there. A clashy lime green lamp sits upon my growing CD collection in delightful contrast. Lastly, my computer sits on the new black desk where I can pour out – line after line – the stories and concepts that have been spinning around in my head for years. Really, a writer could not ask for a cooler room.

Well, I don’t know why I needed to write all of that, but I did.

Burberry Fall 2010


  1. I love all seasons. But I find that most of my works, that I did, were in the nights of summer and autumn. I have written some poems and stories. Sometimes I write songs. But, well, I can’t do it when I sit down and hold a pen to write something on a blank paper. It just comes out of my heart and mind spontaneously. I can’t force myself to write. I don’t know if you and other writers also experience a similar situation.

    By the way, I am thinking of giving my younger sister some dresses for her upcoming fashion event. She is participating for the first time in a fashion event and doesn’t know how to do that cat-walk thing. I can’t help her with it. She has told me that it is some sort of ethnic and western wears, whichever she would like, that her trainer has asked her to be in. What do you suggest?

  2. That`s really cooll that you write songs as well as stories and poems.

    Hmmm ethnic and Western wear eh? Sounds fun!! Let`s see here…she could showcase the ankle length dress trend that`s really hot this fall. She would need a long dress that would have a pattern that would refelct another culture. Or she could wear a dress in a neutral tone and then use accessories (Like a beautiful native inspired necklace or an East Indian scarf, for example). I think that modern cowgirl boots paired with a denim jacket and a cute dress would be a fun way to pull off the Western theme. To show a specific look, you usually need to wear more than one piece.

    I hope that made some sense!! And I hope that she has a great time at the show. 🙂

  3. When I saw the photo above, it reminded me of a channel I used to watch alone- “F TV” 4 years ago. 😉

    Well, so to help her learn “cat walk” I have downloaded some videos from youtube. I wish I knew how to do that myself.

    Anyways, I will show her your suggestions. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Hey lady. I dig your last name. Love this post, and just was curious where you were with your query. I saw it on Lit Rambles and the concept really stuck with me. Good luck with your writing!

  5. Hi Carolyn. Thanks for checking in! 🙂 Love your last name, too. Flower is actually my middle name so I decided to use it as my pen name.

    I am so glad to hear that you like the concept of my story. I actually won a free critique for my query on that Write On Con contest so I will wait to hear back and then edit it some more. I will then post a second draft on Lit Rambles.

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