Friday Optimism


So, the writing’s been going well. I got a short vacation in September where I wrote a good chunk of my third (urban fantasy) story. It is now complete!! (Complete as a very rough draft, that is).  It is amazing what distance can do. So yeah, I am pretty excited about completing a third story.  I’m also equally interested to read my first and second novels with fresh eyes since it’s been a while.

The agent search has taken a little hiatus while I edit my query letters to perfection. I’ve had some great critiques from people that showed me where I was going wrong. In this saturated industry, agents want something polished that will hook them.

Want some help with your query letter? You can post it on this website called The Query Slush Pile and get some pretty good feedback:

Off topic! I am also pretty happy that today is Friday. This weekend I plan to splurge on some things I have been desiring since early August.  Purple lipstick, a military coat, a 1950’s inspired skirt.  A girl needs a shopping day once in a while.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels