The Ruche Phenomenon

I am having another fashion craving moment. Few shopping websites have the ability to inspire me to write while I drool over their clothes. Ruche, a modern boutique with a vintage touch, is one of those places. Not only are the clothes unique and feminine, but their lookbooks present the outfits in such a romantic, artful way that it transports you to another place. Oh, I cannot wait until my birthday money arrives. 🙂

Sunlit Serenity

See what I mean? Like pictures from a story book.

Striking photography featuring classy, well made clothes and accessories. What`s not to love?

You can shop online at Ruche here.


  1. I like to look at clothing from doll websites, since my dolls are my characters, and because sometimes their clothing is much better than my own. My favorites are Dollmore and eLuts.

    But I’m into gothic rough looking things I couldn’t possibly make on my own like this:

    Or like this, because I has no patience for ruffles:

    It’s so inspiring!

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