My Dream Writing Job


So, this is what a day in the life of my dream creative writing job would be like. Don`t judge. Some of it may sound silly. But it`s good to dream, right? 🙂

My Dream Job – Novellist

7:00 am – I wake up to the sun shining through the bedroom window of my new, CK furniture-clad, modern-minimalist penthouse. Making a cup of organic roobois tea, I walk out onto my spacious balcony that overlooks an awakening city and I take in the fresh morning air.

7:30 am – Forgoing breakfast and emails for a while, I walk into my writing lair (Complete with black and red walls, a sick black desk with only my laptop and a unique lamp from EQ3 resting on it) and I write non stop for an hour.

8:30 am – I take a quick shower. My fab blowout from yesterday prevents me from having to do my hair again. I put on my Alice & Olivia dress and slip on a cute pair of heels and I take a walk to the market for a fresh bagel with butter. I sit outside under the sun, eating my breakfast and daydreaming.

9:00 am – Back home and invigorated from the short walk, I write again. Until lunch.

12:00 pm – I get a phone call from my agent, the one that wants to help me represent my successfully self published novel to a large publishing company. She tells me that they are offering a six figure deal if I agree to produce a series out of the book. I squeal in delight. Sweet!

12:30 pm – I meet a friend for lunch. We choose a seat outside and catch up on things.

1:00 pm – After lunch, I kind of feel like buying a new outfit for the weekend. My gal pal comes with me and she helps me pick out a new dress from Frilly Lizard…and I buy a new purse to match while she tries on shoes. Woo! We hug and I head back to my penthouse.

1:30 pm – Back in my writing lair, I notice that the sky has become overcast. I can smell rain. I change into my True Religion jeans, CKcomfy tank top, and put on some rugged but stylish cowgirl boots. Off to the country I drive.

2:00 pm – I reach the outskirts of my writing cabin, which is in the woods, and I park. It is almost about to rain. So inspiring! I jump out of my car and take a hike up the hill to my quaint little refuge. As a storm surges outside, I finish the first draft of my dark, gritty steampunk novel.

5:00 pm – Feeling accomplished, I head back to my car in the rain. I relish in the fresh scent as I come to a small creek and jump over it. I make a mental note of the spot and decide to write there when the weather dries up a bit. Then, I drive home.

5:30 pm – I email my agent the first draft and chill on my balcony for a while, reading a book. Then, I get a text from my sister Jessica. She tells me that she, too, has been contacted by an agent for her book. Sweet! We decide to celebrate later on at our favourite dessert place – Williams.

6:00 pm – As I head out the door for the gym, I get another text. It is from a venue in Toronto. They want me to make an appearance at their steampunk ball – sell my books, sign books, and the like. Plus, I get to buy a lovely Victorian gown. And the best part: I can bring up to ten people. I hope the music will be good.

Wow. What a day. If I didn`t know any better, I would have thought this was all just a day dream. 😉

So, how would a day in the life of your dream writing job go?


  1. I’m afraid that despite my best intentions I would end up like Kantaro (Tactics) or that guy from that yaoi manga with the teddy bears who writes novels. Their agents are constantly calling and coming over, wanting the next part NOW.

    Because I’m super lazy, but if I apply myself, I can get a lot done. But I tend to get distracted by cute things and supernatural stuff. (And supernatural cute things, too.)

  2. Yeah distractions are always an issue for writers (Although yours aren`t always so ordinary), but you have proven recently that you can get a good amount of words down in a short time. 🙂

  3. My dream writing job would be waking up early and getting my son off to school on time. When I come home I push aside all the chores and throw the to do list in the garbage so that I can just sit down at a beautiful desk in front of my garden window. The scent of roses will mix with the scent of fresh peonies I’ve picked that morning and the cotton curtains will billow as I write prolifically until I have to pick my son up.

    Ah, it relaxes me just to think of such a morning. Oh well, back to my laptap on my belly as my son jumps on the couch and cartoons play in the background.

    PS- I’ve given you a Liebster Blog Award over on my blog 🙂

  4. I think any day that didn’t involve constant babies and house-wifey chores would be perfect. Not that I want my children to disappear or anything, but I think writing will be much easier when they are both safely in school. And there was magically no laundry. Or dishes. Or weeds.

  5. I hear you, Megan. 🙂 There always seems to be other things to do.

    I feel kind of guilty – I actually have the luxury of time with not having my own house or kids…I just seem to fill my time with working out, online shopping, and meeting friends. I need to buckle down and write more!

      • You could slide the dates back and it would still be beautiful, maybe more so. Instead of the car, a buckboard wagon. and so on. 🙂 Sorry, I stop messing with your dream now. I think I feel one of my on coming on 🙂

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