How weather can be a writer’s muse


This is a no fail setting for me to want to write. The soft, dreamy fog hovering over a landscape is so inviting. It just oozes of adventure.


It is soothing, dark, lovely, intriguing. So many stories have been born out of rain.

Storm Clouds

Beautiful in a dark way, they are a break from sunlight’s monotony. A foreshadowing of what is to come. An arising conflict. A black travelling cape to be worn for a great escape.
Falling Snow

A different setting and mood. Signifying another world, another time. An invitation to the fantasy side of the mind.

Tell me, fellow writers, what it is about the weather that inspires you? Does rain or fog transport you to another place or time, enabling your writing to flow? Or, does a clear sunny day speak to your creativity more?


  1. Love this! Weather may be more influential on our writing than we think. I definitely write more when it’s pouring out. Sunshine and hot days usually deter my writing.

  2. Reblogged this on Hunter's Writing and commented:
    It’s funny how we are always advised to never start a story with the weather, yet the weather is the one element that invokes so much in us. As does the images Sara selected for this post.

  3. Sunny days, the soothing quiet of snowy crystals falling in the moonlight – I love the weather. 🙂 Well, the calm weather that is. 🙂 But calm or violent, the weather has the power to mirror a character’s feelings and, in my opinion, illustrate those feelings to the world.
    Thanx for this post. 🙂

  4. Sara, you are in my head again. 🙂 I am so tuned to the weather. And my mood follows the weather very closely. Fall is my favorite time of the year and my head elves are very productive during that time. No telling what might get posted. This is really spot on about creativity being influenced by visually stimulating weather. I get very otterly when the seasons change. 🙂

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