Dreamer By Sara Kjeldsen


A young girl sat upon the edge of the pond, imagining the adventures that life would bring her. She lay in the grass and gazed into the clear blue sky, which was as open and as free as her dreams. The gale picked up, the grass swayed, and she felt the urge to get up and run, dance, leap. As the tall grass swayed in the breeze, she bounded through the field toward the forest, feeling freer than the wind.

Unbeknown to her, some watched in the trees.

Behold, this dreamer cometh.

They waited. The girl stopped when she beheld the surreal maze of trees and streams. Curious, she journeyed further in. The girl explored the unique woods in wide eyed wonder, oblivious to the ideals that loomed ominously above her.

We shall see what will become of her dreams.

They took flight from their perches and encircled her, whispering into her mind. She ignored them with defiance, but then began to consider the futility of her ambitions. She became preoccupied with the ideas of others. She sat down in the dark and listened to the voices in her head.

After a while, she noticed several people wandering aimlessly in the dim forest. She wondered if they, too, had once viewed the world through naive eyes. The girl shuddered as the stifling whispers became unbearable. She knew that if she gave in completely then she, too, would never get out.

Then she saw them. The beings around her head had pupil-less eyes filled with envy and arrogance. They were the dream killers. She stood and glared at them with her head held high. God had given her those ambitions for a reason. Who was anyone to stomp on them?

She continued to walk through the forest until she reached its end. Before her was the vast, unknown world. The girl walked into it and never looked back.

-Sara Kjeldsen


  1. I really like this piece. I love reading stories that don’t just stop with entertainment, but when I finish them I am left with something more to think about. Great job.

  2. Great story, Sara. It’s like a parable with a lesson about the influence of others on our hope and dreams. So many people have their dreams murdered by the naysayers. It’s difficult to ignore them. For the most part, I keep my dreams to myself and free of judgement. But, I love to share my dreams with people that like to dream with me. πŸ™‚

    • It’s very true! It is best to keep your dreams to yourself, and I have learned this the hard way. It’s like some people are jealous of what you hoped to accomplish. It’s interesting! It is lovely to have been able to connect with you, a fellow dreamer.

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