Where Do You Write?

I find that earlier in the morning or late at night, I naturally like writing on my comfy bed by the window.

I work full time at a day job so it is harder to see where I would prefer to write during day hours, but I can see myself needing an office with a chair and a desk once I can write on a more full time basis. But I would also like to see how effective a coffee shop might be since I have heard of some writers frequenting those places. I also want to try writing under a tree or at a pond with a notebook.

After work, I go to the library to unleash some creativity or do some editing. I live with my parents right now and I find that having other people active in a house makes me less productive. Plus, I find that a change of scenery from the place that I sleep at is helpful for inspiration. Going right from work with some music playing on my ipod to a quiet place that has a chair to write at is a much easier transition I find.

Where do you like to write on most days?


  1. I love to write early in the morning before my kids are up, when it is calm and quiet. I have gone to the coffee shop in a bookstore a few times and I think I love it. It feels so right for some reason that I do not know. I think where a person is I. Their mind is more influential than any place. I long to one day have a cute little place just for writing where I can find peace and inspiration. Love this post!

  2. Ooh a coffee shop in a bookstore sounds grand. Looking at a few cool book covers would definitely get my in the right frame of mind. I am with you there on the cute little place just for writing.

  3. I like to sit in my bedroom:) I have this little corner filled with pillows (right next to an outlet for my computer) so I just sit there and type or hand write my story depending what I feel like. It’s right underneath a large window and it’s quiet which is perfect for me:)

  4. On the couch with the laptop. Usually after 11 or 12, when the kids are finally in bed for good and the wife has relinquished said laptop. My prized Toshiba was a delayed x-mas gift and was intended for Dave stuff only. And then our desktop and my wifes ipad died in the same week.

    I still have visitation with my laptop…but it’s just not the same.

    • Well, hopefully the other devices will be repaired soon so you can have your lap top more often. πŸ™‚ Although sometimes late at night can be the best time for writing ideas.

  5. In the lazyboy in the lounge with my laptop after dinner is cooked/eaten and dishes etc are done. I go through phases where sometimes I like to have the TV on for a little background noise and sometimes I need silence. I do have a desk my husband bought for me to write at but it’s not comfortable,

  6. The lazyboy sound very comfy! I should try that sometime the next time I have the condo to myself. πŸ™‚ As for background noise, I go through phases too. Sometimes I like a bit of music, but other times it is too distracting. It depends on what scenes I am writing, I think.

  7. haha, this is kind of odd, but I like to write on the floor, especially when writing in notebooks. I can easily spread everything out, and the extra space makes me feel like I have more room to breath. It helps me think. Beds, couches, chairs, and desks can be too confining for me. Growing up, there was this huge field behind my house, and we had a trampoline in our backyard that I would just go lay on and write, every once in a while I’d stare wistfully off into the vast field, which was sometimes filled with cows.

    Every once in a while I’ll venture to a cafe, but it’s generally too loud and bustling for me. Quiet bookstores, on the other hand, are also delightful to write in. Of course, when in public I generally use the provided comfy furniture, I’m sure it’d be too distracting for me and others if I used the floor! πŸ˜‰

    • It must have been so inpsiring to have that vast field around you while you were writing. I miss living in the country! So inspiring.

      I might even try writing on the floor next time, as my bed’s backboard isn’t very comfy to rest against. Good point about the cafes. Although they have their slower times, they can also become very loud and busy.

  8. I usually write sitting in my bed late at night. If I get a creative streak and can’t stop, I’ve been known to write on the couch with annoying kid’s shows blaring, on the beach watching my kids play, in a car, and in doctor’s offices. One day, and it’s probably far, far away, I would love a little part of a room with an old desk and comfy chair in front of an inspiring view. Right now, I’m just happy to get a moment to myself!

    • That room sounds like it would be very inspiring, Lauren! πŸ™‚ Writing in bed late at night can be very productive I find. I seem to be super inspired to do this on Friday nights, when I know I can sleep in the next day. πŸ™‚

  9. Great post. I have several favourite writing spots and am always looking for more. I wrote about one of them in my last post ovindanger.wordpress.com/2012/02/09/chandeliers-london-fog-and-saturday-mornings/
    I also have to say…that I love your blog. It has a moody feel to it.
    Happy Writing

  10. Thanks for the compliment, Jo-Ann. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I read your post about your Saturday morning writing spot and it sounds very lovely.

    Happy writing to you as well!

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