Sunshine Award :)

It is kind of a fun day today on my blog.

Fellow blogger, has very kindly nominated my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thank you, Let It Be Lovely, for this honor and for mentioning my blog. 🙂

Here is a breakdown of how this all works.

Rules: Thank the person who gave you the award. Write a post about it. Answer the questions that come with it. Pass it along to other bloggers and let them know they’ve received the award.


Favorite Color: Depending on the day, it is blue, green or purple. 

Favorite Animal: Dogs and horses…and cheetahs and…well, I like most animals!

Favorite Number: 4

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Black tea.

Facebook or Twitter: Both are essential for my daily life. Haha!

My Passions: Writing. Fashion. Friends & Family. Human Equality.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving is fun, but who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

Favorite Pattern: I like dark plaid or art deco.

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday

Favorite Flower:  Wild violets and tiger lillies

My Nominees:

Lauren Waters: Adventures in Self Publishing – Lauren shares helpful writing and publishing tips on her fabulous blog. She is also very helpful with any questions you might have about being an author. 🙂

Kitty-Nonymous: – Aspiring young adult writer and novel enthusiats.

Let It Be Lovely: – Not just because she gave me an award, of course. Her blog is warm and cheery. Love it!

Aly Hughes: – I love reading her blog posts about the craft of writing.


I also have some good news. I am going to AT LAST reveal By the Sword’s book cover tomorrow!! 😀 You will be welcome to offer your honest feedback. I do hope you all like it.

Have a lovely day everyone!


  1. What a nice surprise! Thanks so much Sara! I can’t wait to check out these other blogs, they sound great.

    Oh, and I’m SO excited for your cover reveal!

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