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The setting that you write in plays a huge part in the creative process. Often, it can make or break inspiration. A lot of writers enjoy writing outdoors, some like to write snuggled under the covers or on their comfy couch. Me? I find that the most favourable setting is in a modern, minimalist office space. The clean lines and clutter-free setting allow my imagination to soar, free of boundaries. The comfy office chair and sleek desk put me in no nonsense mode.

Writing spaces have been on my mind in particular recently, because I am moving out into my own place in a month. Yay! I purposely chose a two bedroom apartment for the office space. I am nearly giddy with excitment about this, especially after being crammed in mainly one room dwellings for the past 1.5 years.

Prior to that, I had what I called my own “writing lair” in a condo. The term was so fitting because of its gothic looks. Dark red walls with a black accent wall. A metal band poster here and there, since metal is such a huge inspiration for my writing, especially for fantasy works. Gosh, I miss that room.

Fast forward to two years later, and my tastes have changed a little bit. I am thinking of something modern and chic. I’ll post pictures once it’s all set up. 🙂

Tell me, bloggers, what does your writing space look like? Or, what would your dream writing office look like?


  1. I wish I had an office full of books, with a nice desk and a comfy chair. I would decorate it with colors inspired by nature and have some nice big windows. But alas, I just write in my bedroom. *sigh. Congrats on the new place!

  2. I’d love to have a writing room too. It would resemble the cabin of an old wooden ship with books and antiques. What I have instead is any place that is quiet and has an electric outlet nearby.

  3. Unfortunately, I have to write at my dining room table, in the dining room. Every time we have a meal I have to remove all my work, put it in piles on the floor, then put it back. It’s really getting me down to be honest lol 😉


  4. Oh, a writing space. I also tend to drag around my laptop where ever I can find a quiet place. I dream of a little room with a simple desk in front of a big window. A comfy chair is a must! Congratulations on the move! I’m sure it will be so productive to have your own writing room.

  5. Le sigh…a real writing space! I usually write at the dining room table with one leg propped up on the table. When my back feels like it’s broken in half from being stationary in an unnatural position in a lackluster seating apparatus, I head to the bedroom. : )

  6. You make an interesting point on writing space. When we moved to our house four years ago, I had the hardest time getting my mojo back into the writing. I then realized it was because my writing space wasn’t familiar. So, I moved some stuff around and made it exactly like it was in our condo. Voila, I’m back in it. I think it’s because when we dive into the fictive dream, we need to be physically safe since we’re essentially living in our heads. If our bodies aren’t protected, then our brains won’t go into our story.

  7. Right now I write wherever I can but I would love to have a room that has a nice little desk, creamy white walls with cork boards full of pictures I’ve collected to help me with inspiration or description and a long row of book shelves behind me for references or for a reading break when I’ve written for a long time:) Oh, and I’ve always wanted a window seat–just seems so perfect!!

    • Oh, that does sound so inviting and inspiring. I love the idea of having inspiring pictures on your walls and books to read when you need a break.

      I think writing near a window is a must for sure!

  8. Just moved house so I’m still unpacking. Looks as though I will be sharing a work space with my husband for most of my time. I do however have a great view from my garden room over DH Lawrence country towards the Derbyshire Dales. Might have to claim that instead! 🙂

  9. Minimalist sounds really nice! I usually write on my couch at home, or in my bedroom with my door locked so my five-year-old can’t interrupt me. At this point, I’ll just take a quiet space, lol.

  10. In a cupboard most of the time. Everything to hand and very untidy. Sometimes in a summer house in the garden, sometimes in bed.
    And your clinical space would not suit me at all. Too sterile. I think I must need the mess.

    • Writing in a summer house in the garden sounds so inspiring. 🙂 Yes, the space in the picture is pretty extreme. My own office would have some artwork on the walls and some interesting decor with some bookshelves. When I move out to my home in the country (In three years, I am hoping), my writing space will be a little different.

      I am a person of extremes!

      • ‘person of extremes’ yes, that would describe me too! Walls of my cupboard are covered in post it notes and labels stuck up with sellotape!

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