Guest Post: Finding Your Spark Through Procrastination

Anushka over at Finding My Creature has been so kind as to appear on my humble blog today. I really enjoyed reading her take on procrastination. Do take a look at her inspiring blog (She will also be hosting a series on NaNo Creatures starting tomorrow! You will not want to miss it.). Today, you can enjoy reading about how taking a break can actually aid in the writing process.

Finding Your Spark Through Procrastination

By: Anushka

Procrastination is a dirty word to some, the killer of productivity and possibly even fairies. For me on the other hand it is vital for my creative process.  The art of procrastination comes in many forms, from eating copious amounts of unnecessary food – normally chocolate –  to being distracted by the internet. Who doesn’t like going through the archives of your favourite writing blogs?  But these activities don’t go unrewarded. Somewhere within the cracks is a spark just waiting to catch. It makes the sickening feeling of a chocolate overdose worth it, trust me. It takes just one word, one image or one headline to get the creative juices running on overdrive in a completely unrelated tangent to the original source.

I have found my best ideas from stepping away from my story and avoiding it like a plague. Yes, sometimes my behaviour stems from sheer laziness but it’s okay to allow yourself to have one of those days every once in a while. You know, when you ‘pretend’ revise?  But remember, the key to putting the PRO in procrastination is to stop feeling so guilty about it.

So stop feeling guilty. Procrastination has its benefits, unless you are not excited about your story. This is the one time procrastination will be the death of you so find an idea and concept that excites you because you will be stuck with it for a very long time.

As I procrastinate, I already know that I will be getting some hard work down that day and if it takes me on a roundabout route, why fight it? It is the journey not the destination that matters after all. So if it involves chocolate, why should procrastination be viewed as a bad, unholy thing?

The days I write I wake up excited about the creativity ahead and I have procrastination to thank for it. Before I can get to the productive part of the day I find myself needing to walk aimlessly around the house. I like to call this ‘exercise’, my muse calls it ‘finally having some peace and quite so I can figure out how to fix your mess.’ With that guilt-free time I make tea, or coffee, depending how wretched my brain feels by being awake so early and I slowly saunter into the cave. Sometimes it takes 10mintues, other times an hour. But I relish every procrastinating second and it prepares me mentally to write. When I finally get down to do the hard yards my story gets my undivided attention and I rarely hit roadblocks. I write hard and I write more.

Then I procrastinate.

If you have any procrastination rituals I would love to hear about them. To those of you who are against procrastination, I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t kill any fairies.

Love and light,

Anushka xx


Thanks again for stopping by, Anushka! I need to learn how to procrastinate more. 😀 Happy NaNo-ing.


  1. I love the idea of putting the PRO in procrastination! I often encounter this – it is so easy to read when I mean to revise. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmmm. I may have to rethink my thoughts on creative procrastination. I admit, I have killed a lot of fairies in my time with the dreaded ‘p’ word (poor Tinkerbell). This really falls in line with the whole ‘be kind to yourself’ mentality. I really like your thoughts on ‘find an idea and concept that excites you because you will be stuck with it for a very long time.’ Yes. Procrastination is then a killer. Thanks, Anushka, for your time!

  3. I like your take on this!
    It’s less of procrastination for me as it seems a way to prime the creative engine. I like to make a playlist for the writing session, and let the subconscious choose the songs. I also make a big mug of hot chocolate, turn up the heat, turn off the phone, and check out my favorite writing blogs to see how the rest of my writing peeps are doing. 🙂
    Then I feel ready to get writing, alone but not alone at all.

    • Glad you like it 🙂 I was wondering how I missed replying to your comment and remembered I went on an epic chocolate finding expedition once I read ‘Big mug of hot chocolate.’ Easily influenced whenever coffee or chocolate is concerned it seems!

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