Review: Infinite Loss by L.E. Waters


Have you read Infinite Loss by L.E. Waters yet? If not, you should.

Whether you love reading historical fiction, fantasy, romance, adventure, or drama, I promise you that this book will have you turning the pages until the end.

Just newly released, Infinite Loss is Book 3 in Waters’ Infinite Series. It’s an amazing, character-driven series in the historical fantasy/ reincarnation fantasy genres. The books follow the lives of Maya and she learns many lessons along the way. One thing I just love as I read through Waters’ books is how you begin connecting the characters from past lives and I admire the connections and interactions of everyone as the lives progress. An individual’s evolution is so fascinating to me, which is why I love the Infinite Series so much. Waters excellently protrays human emotions and their flaws and I love how many of the friendships in her books differ from the norm that you see in other works.

With Infinite Loss, once again, Waters has woven a captivating and adventurous tale that made me want to read more!

I was quickly drawn in by the Native (Lakota) boy’s life. I love how Waters portrays the closeness between him and his friends that does not waver as they grow up and face heart wrenching separation. The story truly captures the mood and reality of what it would have been like to live in a Lakota village. Major John Andre’s story is amazingly told in the second life, and I love how you can truly begin to piece together the souls from the previous lives. Waters then transports us to the life of the melancholic poet Edgar Allan Poe. This last life tugged at my heart strings while wonderfully showing us the life of a writer in history. Never before have I read a novel where there has been such emotion and connection between the characters.

Infinite Loss is a must read if you enjoy spell-binding historical novels full of unexpected twists and true to life characters.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy!


  1. I recently purchased all 3 and will be making my way through them over the next few weeks.

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