Standing With “One Billion Rising” Today <3


I am sad that I was unable to attend the “One Billion Rising” campaign in Banff today because of work. Which was a beautiful display of unity where people peacefully occupied the skating rink with signs in support of women and to publicly show their support for the cause. But I bought a handmade bracelet whose proceeds will fund a child’s school supplies for an entire year as a small way to help a girl go to school, but I really want to do so much more!

I still want to be a part of V-Day by showing my support in the fight of violence against women. Yes, violence has not only one gender, but it is a disturbing fact that 1 in 3 women around the world will be physically assaulted in her life time. In my small home city a couple of years ago, 300 cases of domestic abuse/violence were recorded… and those were only the reported cases. Much awareness still needs to be spread. To the point where people no longer find rape jokes funny. To the point where society will stop victim shaming rape survivors. When people will stop justifying any act of violence because the other person was “asking for it.”

I wanted to include this short film about One Billion Rising. It’s heart-breaking, tear-jerking, and then empowering at the end. It’s just the thing we may need to shake us out of our oftentimes daily monotony to realize that others are suffering right now, and they need our help and support.

Happy V-Day (Hint: That does not stand for Valentine’s Day)!

Credit: Photo by from Pexels


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