The Dreams


Norwegian Dream.

She had a dream, too. Of Canada. Now, I long to be close to where she was born. In a way, it will feel like she is still alive. Young and alive in Scandinavia and playing her banjo.

Goodbye, Grandma.


  1. A beautiful and poignant tribute, Sara. The video and song were stellar as were your words. Grandmothers are the best!

    • Yes, they really are! I’ll miss her a lot. It’s so strange to have someone so key to your existence and to your life gone. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 I love this song, and I want to learn Danish.

      • To me there is no greater show of love for one’s family than to honor their heritage. That would be awesome to learn to speak Danish and visit the country to see the sights that filled your grandmother’s eyes when she was a young woman. And she played the banjo? Now, that is cool! 😀

      • You’re so right, Daniel. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 That means a lot. We only just learned of her playing the banjo at her funeral when her oldest son, my uncle of course, spoke about it. She never talked about it, because she was sad she left her music behind to pursue a life in Canada. Ironically, now many of the Scandinavian cities are the best places to live. But it amazes me what she gave up and left behind for the sake of her marriage and her growing family. In some small way, I hope a part of her adventurous and creative self can live on through me. Actually, a good deal of her granddaughters haven’t settled down yet and are quite the nomads. 🙂 ❤

      • That is such an inspiring story of your grandmother. I’m sure that spirit carries on in you. It always fascinated me how those kinds of things get passed on.

  2. Scandinavia is beginning to work its powers of fascination over me as well. It’s probably because of my husband’s being so drawn to it. He’s been to Norway and his heart kind of stayed there.

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