Why Is Fiction Important?

Self-help books are very popular right now. Intellectuals pride themselves in reading a broad range of nonfiction books. But what about novels?

People will always be connected to stories, regardless of the form they come in. They can entertain, inspire, or teach us important lessons. Fiction has a lot to offer the world.

Why is fiction an amazing thing? Let me tell you. 🙂

Empathy. Reading a book puts you in the head of someone else, or it gives you an intimate view of different character’s perspectives. It makes you care about people you’ve never met and want to know what happens next. It can put you in someone else’s shoes, allowing you to empathize with their situation. They can do nothing for you, but you still hope the best for them. Reading fiction can make you a kinder person.

Life lessons. Books can teach us many lessons through the art of story telling. Reading can give you a great opportunity to reflect or determine what you might have done had you been in the character’s situation. Sometimes the lessons in books are loud and clear, while others slowly reveal themselves as the story unravels, surprising you. I love when that happens.

World Changing. Some books have been known to change the world, or rather, have helped shape society in the era they were written in. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, for example, was an anti-slavery novel written by Harriett Beecher prior to the Civil War. It is said that it helped lay the framework of the Civil War and abolishing slavery. Black Beauty, a book written by Anna Sewell, outlines the plight of horses and how badly some of them were treated in the 1800’s. I’m sure you can think of other books that helped change the world by starting new movements. Fiction is indeed a powerful thing!

Enrichment. There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book or reading a story on the beach. Escaping to a different world can be an enriching experience. You can learn so much from stories.

Why do you enjoy reading stories? Do tell. 🙂


  1. It also makes you feel grateful, specially novels portraying war, recently read gone with the wind and realized what unrelenting spirit Scarlett had.

  2. Self-help books were the actual reason why I ended up reading fiction, lol. After some years not reading at all, it was self-help that drew me back into reading, and since I’ve gotten over that phase, I mostly read fiction now. Great post, Sara!

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