6 Ways To Get Over A Block In Your Story

Have you ever been writing a story and everything is going well, but near the end you can feel the inspiration losing steam? This has happened to me a few times and it’s often in the later half of the story. A lot of big events have already happened for the character and another one is coming soon, but getting to the next exciting part of the story is a bit harder than it was at the beginning.

Here’s a few ways to overcome a block in your story:

1.Take a break from writing for a day or two. Sometimes you just need a couple of days away from your story, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time working on it. Seeing it again with fresh eyes can help rekindle that inspiration.

2. Go for a walk with music that inspires you to write. A shorter break away from writing may be all you need. I often take little breaks from writing to walk, hike, listen to music, exercise, or clean. That small lapse in writing can be enough to continue with it later that day.

3. Go back to the beginning of the story. If you’ve taken a couple of breaks, but still can’t get into the rest of the story, you could try going back to beginning. Sometimes, reading what you wrote when you were super inspired can be the key to unlocking more inspiration.

4. Write about it. You could brainstorm some ideas, much like I’m doing right now, to overcome the block. As you’re figuring out how you can regain some of that passion back for your story, sometimes it comes back. The mind can be weird like that.

5. Start a new story. In some cases, writing something new can help unleash fresh inspiration, especially if you already have another story idea in mind. There’s nothing wrong with working on two books at once!

6. Read a book. Reading books as an author can be enjoyable as well as “homework”. If it’s a book you really enjoy, the writing style could inspire you or be a learning experience that you could try applying to your own writing.

I hope these have been helpful ideas if you’re currently struggling to finish writing that book. Keep on writing on!

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