Writing & Tea

Sipping on a cup of hot English breakfast tea while I write is such a classic. I’ve done this from the very beginning. tea and writing seem to go hand in hand for me. While I will occasionally get a coffee or a matcha latte to drink while I type out a story, the delicious, malty black tea is my all-time favourite.

The caffeine in a cup of English breakfast tea is motivating without giving me the jitters that coffee does. The taste is simple, yet distinct. It’s not overly pungent, sweet, or bitter since I drink my tea with no milk or sugar – it’s just right. Lovely, but simple. This is the beauty of a black tea.

There’s something comforting about a classic cup of tea that you just can’t get with a cup of coffee. The steam dances above your cup as you write. It adds coziness to the scene and it feels like a treat without being overly indulgent. Whether it’s a hot, sunny day or a misty, grey evening I’ll almost always brew a cup of this tea before I start writing.

Tea is art; English breakfast tea is a masterpiece.

It’s a pure blend with no added flavours. The dark amber colour of the liquid is beautiful, which is why my preference is to have it in a glass mug so I can appreciate this tea’s aesthetic.

No manner of fancy herbal or vibrant green teas can compare to this smooth blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas. It’s a perfect balance, symbolizing the symmetry and congruency that I hope will be mirrored in the book I’m writing. Can what we consume while we create something influence how it turns out? I’m certain it does. Choose wisely, dear writers.

For a soothing treat that also energizes your mind, look no further than the bold, yet humble English breakfast tea. It doesn’t have to be breakfast time for me to want this minimalist yet complex hot beverage. No writing session feels complete without it.

Oh, it looks like it’s tea time!

Are you a tea drinker? Do you love black tea? I hope you could relate to this little montage for English breakfast tea. It truly is my favourite. 🙂


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