Playlist Tuesday – Urban Thriller/ Post-Apocalyptic/Cyber Punk

I thought it would be nice to post a playlist every Tuesday to switch things up here! I’ve had a few people ask me from time to time what type of music I listen to for writing.

This is the playlist I had for my most recent story, Voice Of A Storyteller. I started writing it in the late spring last year then published it in the early fall. I had planned to publish it earlier than that, soon after my birthday, but I got swept away into a lovely little summer romance after moving to North Vancouver. The playlist for that beachy, dreamy time period is quite different from my writing playlist, which is grittier with a cyber punk edge.

The cool thing is that I started writing this story in Burnaby, BC when the weather was still a bit moody, as spring weather is, and I ended up editing it at a North Vancouver, BC library in the early fall, an entirely different season and mood from when I started the book.

All of the tracks in this playlist are dramatic and bold (In my opinion), so if you want to write something that’s complex or deep and set during a modern (or post-modern) era, this might be a good one for you. I hope you enjoy! Maybe it’ll inspire an urban fantasy, or a thriller!

Here’s my playlist for Voice Of A Storyteller:

If you’re interested in reading the story that this playlist helped inspire, you can purchase it here.

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