The Story You’ve Always Wanted To Read

You’ve probably read at least one book that gripped you from start to finish. What was it about that story that made you love it so much? Was there some element(s) that you hoped would be there, despite the fact that you enjoyed it?

Whether you’re an avid reader or an occasional one, when it’s time to go pick out a new novel to read, you likely have a certain expectation of how it will go. Have you ever picked up a book hoping that the story would go a certain way only to be a bit disappointed in how it turned out? Maybe you enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t quite what you expected. Or, have you ever been pleasantly surprised at how a story turned out? Which aspects did you enjoy about it?

What is the story you’ve always wanted to read? Is it character-driven or plot-focused? Are the characters unconventional or tropes? Do you want an ending that’s neatly tied and satisfying, or something more bittersweet? Is it in a certain genre or multi-genre? How would that story go? Where would it take place?

This is the story that you should write – the one you’ve always wanted to read.


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