My Relaxing Morning Routine

This is a morning in the life of an indie author who also works full time. I try to make every morning special, though sometimes I wake up with just enough to get ready, eat a quick breakfast, and run out the door for work. Not every morning is slow and relaxing, but I like to have at least three of these types of mornings per week (My goal is to make every morning like this with a little adjustment in my wake up time). On my days off or when I start a later morning shift at work, I enjoy waking up and taking my time in the morning.

8 AM – Wake up and snuggle a little longer, because there’s no reason to rush. I bask in the comfy-ness of my bed. This is bliss.

8:20 – Look out the window and take in the beauty of the day.

8:30 – Brew a black tea and make a smoothie or cereal bowl. Yum! 🙂

8:35 – Take a moment to appreciate the place I’m at right now. I close my eyes and savour the taste of my tea.

8:45 – Watch a favourite Youtuber, read a book, browse an Instagram account that makes me happy (I find this really motivating/chill), or write a blog post while I sip my tea.

9:15 – Do a 20-25 minute morning workout/stretch routine. This really sets me up for the day! If I’m going for a hike later, I’ll usually just do a quick stretch, but if I’ll be writing or going to work at the office later, I might do a light workout instead. It feels great to loosen up your body and relieve any tension for the day.

9:40 – Wash face, put on makeup, get dressed.

10:05 – Out the door! Have a lovely day. 🙂


  1. That’s a wonderful morning routine! Mine consists of scrambling to get kids out of bed and fed, and into school. The saving grace is an InstantPot that cooks oatmeal overnight and has it ready for the morning.

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