Playlist For Marie

For today’s Playlist Tuesday, I’m going to share the playlist I used while writing my psychological thriller, Marie. Every Tuesday, I’m going to share a playlist related to my writing inspiration and I hope it helps you with your own inspiration – or helps you expand your musical horizons!

For Marie, I chose an eclectic playlist that carried emotions/feelings that went along with the story. The first song, Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga, fits Marie’s cold mental state and her desire to be at the top. She sees herself as a queen and she will do anything to obtain the “power” she wants. I love the dark art pop vibes in this song, too. I also posted the slowed down male version (Thank you, tik tok!) – it’s simply chilling, in my opinion – and for Marie this might hint that there are other dark minds in the world who are even more brutal than she is. It has this “the mob has entered the area” vibes. Love it! Again, it suits the mood for the beginning of the story.

Why did I choose the other tracks? Well, you’ll have to read it and find out. 😉 ❤

Here’s the playlist that’s as suave as Marie is.

You can read Marie on Kindle or in print. Thank you for checking out my blog today! ❤ Let me know what you think of this playlist!

(Photo by Farhan Ishraq Rudra from Pexels)