Playlist For Sally, My Novel

Sally was such a unique story to write. Dreamy and artsy, Sally has high hopes of studying at university, but it’s the 1800’s and one false move sends her on a path she never wanted to be on – married to a farmer with her dreams in ashes. She experiences much violence inflicted on the people she loves, which disturbs and changes her more than anyone can imagine. Sally is a transformation story. It’s a portrait of how a girl might become an outlaw.

My playlist was dark to match the progression of the story. This ain’t your average historical fiction novel. It might seem bizarre listening to metal while writing an 1880’s Western, but it worked out well! Sally would definitely listen to Korn if they existed in her time! If dark playlists aren’t your thing, no worries, stay tuned for my next one! 🙂 I wanted to explore different story lines about female outlaws at the time that I wrote this. I think anyone who appreciates Westerns would enjoy this tale.

#1 The first song is set in the 1880’s and the Gothic vibes and music match the energy of Sally’s darkest moments. **Ooh just felt a shiver there**

#2 This next song went so well with Sally and Jeremy’s rocky relationship. There’s an odd sensuality to this one. It matches their energy when they’re together.

#3 Sally’s innocence has left her after seeing so much bloodshed. She reaches her lowest point here. Instead of admiring dreamy sunsets, she’s obsessed with the muddy river that seems to be calling her name.

#4 This song also applies well to Sally’s frame of mind.

#5 I wrote Sally’s final unravelling to this song. It’s fitting!

#6 Sally has an eerie connection with tornadoes. The person she became was born from her traumatic experience of barely surviving a twister. Near the end, she welcomes the storm by riding right into it. All her previous fears have melted away as she embraces the ruthless outlaw she has become.

#7 Things end in a calm, but chilling way. This song was fitting for another character’s perspective of Sally. (This song is also a nice pallet cleaner for all the metal!)

I’ve been thinking of changing the cover of Sally so it matches the genre better – i.e. make it look more bad ass. I feel like the current cover gives the impression that it’s a romance novel. If you’d like to read Sally, you can discover her crazy tale here

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels