I thought it was time for a funny post that most creative writers can relate to. This one’s in honour of the #Writerlife


When you’re Google searching things that sound so sketchy for the sake of story research and you wouldn’t be surprised if a detective showed up at your door. #writerlife

You walk past people you know all the time, not intentionally, but because you were listening to music and were having an epic daydream that could be added to a story later. No one can break through this happy place. #writerlife

The right note to a song, a certain part in a movie, or a striking nature scene will make you stop and focus. Your eyes water. This is inspiration on cocaine. This is why you never felt the need to take drugs. #writerlife

People being like “You’re overthinking” or “Wow you’re so sensitive” but whatevs these characteristics are needed for writing. We own THIS shizzle. #writerlife

When you’ve noticed a major change in yourself that improves your life. It’s #characterdevelopment ! #writerlife

You have exciting plans, but you consider cancelling them, because you’d honestly rather write. #writerlife

You can write a whole novel in the span of a year (or less), but a story synopsis?! The cruelty. There is nothing harder than writing a description of the book YOU wrote. It’s science. #writerlife

You have a day job and a customer patronizes you about “only” being a customer service rep. If they only knew … the OTHER side of you. Muhahaha. #writerlife

It’s not just the books you write that have a plot twist. YOU are a plot twist. #writerlife

*Writes for 5 minutes and mind wanders* *Signs on to Twitter* *Browses some random website* *Writes an answer on Quora* #writerlife

Someone: “What’s your book about? The one you’ve been obsessed with for the last 4 months.” You: ….. ? #writerlife

You write a little bit every day, just a scribble here and there. Then two months pass and the book is DONE? How? What is this magic? #writerlife

You had specific goals and outcomes for your characters, but THEY have minds of their own. Don’t ask. It’s just how it is. #writerlife

You got a great idea, but you were sure you’d remember, so you didn’t write it down. At the end of the week, you remember that helpful little trinket that crossed your mind, but now it’s gone. Poof. Like a fallen leaf in the wind. Nooo! #writerlife

I hope you enjoyed a little LOL today. Happy writing! Xx

(Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels)

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