Playlist Tuesday – Seafaring

I realize I’m late in posting this – it’s a bit past 9 PM PST, technically still Tuesday on the beautiful west coast! Today is Playlist Tuesday and without further adieu, I’m going to share the playlist I had for my novella, The Pup & The Pianist.

The Pup & The Pianist is a short tale about two young boys from opposite sides of the war being forced to survive on the Galapagos Islands. These are the songs that inspired the incredible story of Max & Dash.

Spanish Ladies is a classic sailor’s ballad. I would often start writing the story with this song; it’s so transporting!

Shipping Up To Boston – This has such a sailor vibe to it! I couldn’t forget this one! 🙂

One is a song that is so atmospheric and dreamy. The slight Gothic feel adds depth to the mood as I wrote this story about two teenagers caught up in the Napoleonic Wars.

No Tomorrow is a dark and moody song that fit the mood of Max’s and Dash’s friendship. There was prejudice, anger, sorrow, compassion, connection, and finally love.

Rose Tattoo – A very emotional and deep song about love and loyalty. Very fitting for this sad, but sweet tale.

I hope you enjoyed this little playlist! If you’re interested in reading about Max and Dash’s seafaring adventure, you can download a copy here.