For The Love Of Editing

Book editing doesn’t always have the best reputation. Some writers downright despise the editing phase of writing. We all know it’s an essential part to book publishing, but many people loathe or dread the process. How do you feel about editing?

I’m someone who actually enjoys the editing the phase. Why? Well, the editing phase is a sign that the book is finished! It means that the hardest part of the writing process has been accomplished – completing the story itself. I find that the editing phase (or the second, third, and fourth draft) can be an enriching process, because the basic story is already there and now you can fine tune all the details. You can add or subtract things and really dig deep into your story, becoming more entrenched in its purpose and its characters.

I actually really enjoy being able to sit down with a cup of tea (or coffee) and read through the story I’ve already written then make it even better. Sometimes, I enjoy the editing and revising process so much that I’ll do it over ten times if needed. It’s a chance to make the story everything you wanted it to be. It’s your time to fine tune that masterpiece.

For each book, the editing process will be slightly different. Some stories take several drafts before they’re ready, while other stories need only three or four edits. It’s an important part of writing, so it’s better when we can enjoy it.

If you’re having trouble staying motivated during the editing process, you could try doing a few things to change it up:

Print out your book and edit it on paper with a pen. (This can be really effective for spotting typos!)

Play music that inspires or motivates you. (This can make the process fun rather than painful!)

Look at it as a way to explore deeper into the story. The first draft is done! Now the fun begins. 🙂

If you find editing to be *really* painful, you could hire an editor and who’s willing to do several drafts for you.

If you need a break from editing, you could try writing something new to keep your inspiration fresh.

I hope this has helped motivate someone to edit today! Writers, do you enjoy the book editing process? Do tell in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. I loved reading about your love for the editing process. I could truly feel the passion in the words you’ve typed! The tips at the end was a nice touch. Brilliant post, Sara! 🙂

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