How Exercise Can Change Your Writing Game

For me, fitness and creativity go hand in hand. Around the time that I started going to the gym and working out was when I started to write my first novel. There’s something about movement that really fuels creativity. Not only does exercise improve your health, it also floods your body with endorphins. Over time, regular exercise increases your energy and boosts your mood for the long term – these are very helpful for inspiration. I’ve also noticed that walking or running with music can be inspiring and it’s given me a lot of new ideas. Going on hikes or long walks to see nature can be excellent forms of exercise.

Another thing that’s helpful about exercise is that it switches up your day. After sitting for long periods of time at work, while writing, or when watching a show/movie, it’s so refreshing to get up and start moving. When I spend a whole day writing, I’ll often take a break and either do a workout or go for a walk to keep the blood flowing. Once I sit down again, I can write for another couple of hours easily. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish or spaced out, even a low impact workout or stretching routine can give your energy a little boost. Stretching in particular helps reduce tension and tightness in the muscles, which will make you feel better, and in turn enhance your writing performance.

There’s no denying that being active makes you look better as well as feel better – there’s something about being as fit or as in shape as the characters you write about in your books. I’ve sometimes joked that I keep fit just in case I’m ever thrown into my story’s world. I’d need to outrun some bad guys (or disgruntled good guys for making them do the things that they do). Teehee

If you’re not currently an active person, I recommend adding at least 15 minutes of activity per day to your routine. It can even be a brisk walk, as long as it’s something active to give your eyes a break from the screen and to boost your energy. Physical activity can keep your mind sharp while giving your body various health benefits. It’s important for everyone and if you’re creative, I’ll bet it will help keep those inspirational juices flowing.

I definitely believe that fitness and creative writing go hand in hand.

Hey writers and bloggers, do you workout? What’s your routine like?

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  1. I’m with you – I can’t operate without a walking every day. I do about 7000 steps minimum. I’m not a runner, but that really helps me.

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