Playlist For The Broken & The Foolish

It’s Playlist Tuesday and you know what that means! I give you a playlist based on one of my books (or something else that I find inspiring).

Today’s playlist is based on a Western novel I published a few years ago – The Broken & The Foolish. You won’t want to miss out on this historical outlawing tale that was greatly inspired by these tunes. This story was influenced heavily by The Pretty Reckless, which captures the essence of Mary’s reckless character.

  1. This is a ballad about a girl needing to leave home; she’s apologizing to her sister. It foreshadows the epic journey Mary is about to take.

2. This bad ass tune is so Mary (my story’s protagonist) and it also foreshadows the outcome of her relationship with another outlawing character, George.

3. Mary is chaotic. The punk energy in this song fueled the story, especially the first part.

4. Bluesy and very Western.

5. Mary feels very guilty.

6. For George

7. When Mary finds Heaven

8. ((No spoilers))

9. Dark

10. Symbolizing how Max, the story’s antagonist, lured Mary in from the beginning.

11. ((No spoilers))

If you’d like to check out this Western novel featuring a feisty female lead, you can find it on Kindle here.


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