My 2021 Writing Goals

We’re nearly 1/4 through this year which means we still have 75% left to go! I’d say that I’ve been pretty productive with my writing so far between working full time, volunteering, keeping fit, and blogging.

Creatively, 2020 was a productive time for me. The odd blend of empty streets, solitary nature trails, and losing connection with people/events in my area gave my inspiration a boost (And it ran pretty dark, if I’ll be honest). I wrote a poetry book for one and I’d never considered myself a poet before then. I published 3 books in total last year as well, in addition to re-releasing another book with a new cover. I also completed two stories only to delete them (One was intentional, the other was by accident – wild!).

My writing for 2021 has been stable in the sense that I’ve been working on my stories at least a little bit each week. I don’t have a set schedule, but I’ve been writing here and there when I have time after work or on my days off. I’m nearly finished a first draft for one story and I’ve started a new idea for another, which is exciting. My hope is to have at least one of those books published this year, so you’ll definitely be seeing a new release from me before December hits!

Overall, I think I’m right on track for where I want to be with my writing. With everything that’s been going on, I’ve been careful not to pressure myself too much to finish a certain amount of books this year (Not that I ever really did that anyway). This year especially I think we should focus on our health and wellbeing. While being productive is good, it’s also important to take time to rest, recharge, fuel our bodies with good food, exercise to stay healthy, and do activities we enjoy (while staying safe). My overall goal for this year is to maintain a good balance of accomplishing my goals while allowing myself time to recharge and explore new ideas. I definitely want to make time to read more, as I haven’t been doing as much book reading as I did last year.

Do you have any writing goals for 2021? Feel free to share in the comments below! I’d love to read about it. 🙂

(Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels)


  1. The busyness has kept you quite stable mentally, Sara. I have had trouble with such things off and on for the past few years. Now that I’m writing poetry and blogging again making the time to slowly work on re mastering my books. I understand you’re past situation with work and projects though. Our well being is important.

  2. It’s great to see things have been going good for you. I can relate to last year being great creatively too. I can honestly say my 2020 wasn’t that negative at all. Good luck with your writing goals this year! You can absolutely do it 🙂

    • I’m glad that you had a good 2020 overall. It was a cool year for me in a lot of ways. I moved to different places and got a feel for what it’s like to live in certain areas of the city. I like your positive outlook. It’s very good to have with creativity.

      • Do you like living in those areas of the city? I find you to be quite positive too more often than not. Negativity does creep in with everyone sometimes but keeping our heads up for when those feelings subside is the least we can do

      • That’s true, sometimes you just need to let yourself process the feelings so you can finally let them go and move on. Oh yes I enjoyed each area I lived at. Now I have my own place, which is what I need. The area is coo, too. As long as I don’t have to have roomies, I’m happy. lol

  3. congrats on publishing 3 books last year!! And glad to hear that you’ve been getting a lot of writing done this year.

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