Writing Update! What I’ve Been Working On

It’s about time for a little writing update. I’ve been working on a couple of stories and both are a change of pace from anything I’ve ever written before. My writing keeps evolving and that’s the exciting thing about creativity I suppose. The one story is about a shepherdess from ancient Israel who is happy with her simple life, but wonderful and tragic things await on the horizon to shape her into the woman she becomes. I always enjoy doing historical research for stories and I’m intrigued about women who chose unconventional work in ancient times. From a war history perspective, The Assyrian invasions were also interesting to research and unfortunately, my protagonist has to experience them up close. This new story is something I’m really happy with and I’m nearly finished!

I also started another book about a very selfish prince who is in exile after his uncle attempts to kill him. A peasant woman takes him in when she finds him half dead at a river bank, and the rest of the story is left for you to read when it’s published! 😉 This one will be my first official romance story (I’ve made so many firsts in the past year and a half with my writing!). It had to happen sometime. I’ve been wanting to challenge myself and cross new boundaries, so this book is really exciting to me. There will be a lot of fantasy, adventure, and of course love.

I am also about to re-release a new book! It’s a short story called A Seahag’s Song. I’ve found the right book cover to do the story justice and it’s so dreamy that I can’t wait to share it! It’ll be a sweeping summer read about the intense friendship between a mermaid and a young woman. I’ll be posting an update on its release very soon!

Thank you so much for reading, everyone. I hope you have some exciting writing projects going on right now, too. If so, what are you working on? Do tell. 🙂

(Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels)