On Being Creative

I’ve been inspired to create stories since I was a small child. I’d spend time “making movies” with my toys. Every play time needed to have a purpose and it had to be dramatic. My sister and I would often do these dramas together and it was so fun. Every time I’d swing on a swing or go for a walk outside after it rained, my mind would be spinning with story ideas to write down. This never changed. I suppose this is why I naturally became a writer.

I don’t think creativity can be taught. If there is some way to teach someone how to be creative, I wouldn’t know how to do it. It’s always been second nature to me, a frame of mind. It’s as necessary to me as breathing. Writing stories is a choice. Having a creative mind, though, is something you either have or you don’t. When you’re creative, childlike wonder never goes away when you grow up. Some people say that everyone has a part of the child they were inside of them, and that’s true, but creative people make a point of staying true to that inner child. They’re individualistic and they usually want to teach the world something important through their craft.

In some areas of life, this openness of mind can be helpful and in others it can be hurtful. Not everyone will understand or enjoy your tendencies. You see, even when I’m not writing stories, I still have a creative mind. It’s not something I can turn off nor would I want to if there were some way to do it. Creative people are usually big picture thinkers; they’ll often miss or forget certain details or they’ll have opinions that defy the main stream ideals of the time. They can be a little eccentric or the odd ball in certain crowds.

The best feeling is when you come to accept the way your mind works and embrace what your own strengths and weaknesses are. To be creative is to possess certain tendencies or ways of being. You’ll feel more things more often, you’ll notice beauty in places others might miss, or detect the evil in something many think is good. To be creative is to be different and this means that you’ll probably live a unique sort of life. Some people will come to rely on your fresh perspectives. In the same way that you appreciate and can learn from those who are a little more practical and logical, others will be inspired by you, who is creative and lives true to yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this little stream of consciousness writing style. I haven’t done this in a while. Have a nice day/evening!


  1. I’m still trying to work out how my mind works and I have so many creative ideas working out which one to do is… challenging 🙂

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