A New Book Cover For Sally

Sally is my Gothic Western novel that takes place in 1880’s Missouri. It pairs well with The Broken & The Foolish, which exists in the same era. Sally even crosses paths with Mary in both books.

Here’s the summary of Sally’s story:

Sally’s plans to attend university in Cambridge are destroyed when a tornado hits the countryside. Her parents force her to marry the farmer she hid in the root cellar with. His name is Jeremiah and he is the definition of simple. With her dreams burned away, Sally tries to adjust to married life only to face more disaster – a murder and a realization that no one in White Oaks is who they seem. As more truths are uncovered, even more violence follows. Something changes inside of Sally. She becomes a new creature as she begins to think of herself as something more than her current station in life. And those who stand in her way will see the full capacity of her cruelty.

Take a look a the previous cover I had for Sally:

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As you can see, it’s epic, beautiful, and stunning. I loved this cover so much. However, it didn’t seem to grab most people’s attention. It had a historical romance vibe yet she clearly looks young and I think there’s too many opposing details that are enough to turn away a reader who might otherwise like the story. While I hoped that the tornado and caption might have hinted at the Gothic nature of the tale, it didn’t have the impact I wanted.

The new cover feels more at home as the gateway to my dark, yet adventurous tale. I hope you think so, too!

Sally is only 99 cents until this Sunday. Click here to download the story while it’s on sale!