Deleting Old Blog Posts

I did a little blog facelift a few months ago back when I wanted to blog more regularly again. Along with a refresher of pictures for my posts, I deleted a few old ones. My very first couple of blog posts way back (Over a decade ago now) still remain. I posted during some key times in my life, like when I was modeling as a hobby or when I was traveling around Canada, etc. Those posts are like a scrapbook of my earlier years that shaped who I am today. I wouldn’t want to delete them for anything.

Others, on the other hand, needed to go. It’s not that I hated them or anything, but some just felt dated . There were a few about being “fantasy prone” and a “day dreamer”. I chose to let those go. Why? I’ve had some people stalk my profiles on the Internet from time to time. Sometimes they’re random trolls who just want an online trolly good time, while others are people I’ve met in real life who want to get some dirt on me. Being “fantasy prone” can be taken the wrong way and if someone hates you enough, they can twist the meaning of a post that was intended to be for fun and try to paint you as “crazy”. I also noticed over the years that when you say you’re a dreamer, a lot of people think that’s *all* you do. They don’t look at all of the things you actually *do*.

I know what some of you might be thinking. “Who cares what they think?” I honestly don’t care that much, but it started to get annoying when I’d get DMs of people patronizing me for being this dreamy, wide-eyed girl with no world experience all because I identified as a day dreamer. I do still day dream, though I don’t do it as much as I used to. I also do a lot of doing – writing, working, blogging, hiking, exercising, planning, etc. I thought it was time for my blog to reflect the current person that I am while keeping some key older posts that show my journey as a creative.

Call it a re-branding, if you will. I thought my blog could use a professional tune up while maintaining my unique creative persona. I don’t regret the deletions and I waited quite a while before doing a revamp. Some of those posts were 5-10 years old. If anyone wanted to read them, they were there for quite a while. Now that time has passed. My new blog is here and I’m quite happy with how it’s been going.

Cheers to blogging and new journeys!

(Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels)