Why I’m Happy To Be An Introvert

Disclaimer: I’m not an absolutist. Most people fall on a spectrum of introverted vs. extroverted; some people are a blend of the two depending on the situation. In every assessment I’ve taken, I’m around 97% introverted, so speaking for myself I’m definitely an introvert and proud of it.

Why am I proud to be an introvert? In recent years, there has been more awareness about different personality types and how each one has their strengths/weaknesses. If you’re an introvert, I’ll bet you grew up being told that you’d “come out of your shell” one day. I’m grateful that I learned soon after high school that there was nothing wrong with being quieter and that it has its own benefits. I’ve become very comfortable with myself and how my mind works. Life is short – it’s better to accept who your core personality is rather than spend years being frustrated with yourself and trying to change into someone you’re not.

Without further adieu, here is why I’m happy to be an introvert (and why I think you should be, too!).

We make loyal friends. Our energy gets depleted by a lot of social interaction. We’re usually more choosy about who we let into our life. If you’ve made the cut to be let into our life, chances are you’ll be there to stay – and you won’t have to compete with 10+ other friends for our attention. 🙂

We get more done. On average, introverts are more studious and complete more tasks since they’re spending less time socializing and talking. If you want to write a novel, a thesis, or create something, you’ll have a lot more time to do it without events and people taking up all your time. Think of scientists, authors, accountants, etc. It’s a lot easier to do this type of work when you’re quieter – you’ll notice a higher % of introverts in these types of professions as well.

We give the people in our lives space. If you’re someone who needs a lot of space, an introvert is generally a great person to have in your life, because they need it, too. We’re more likely to respect people’s boundaries and since we’re doing our own thing most of the time, we’ll leave you to it with no judgement.

We can make more loyal/nurturing romantic partners. Extroverts, on average, are more likely to be flirtatious and engage in risky behaviours. They always feel this need to be out and meeting new people so they can expand their network. An introvert values their home and small circle of friends more.

We’re a mystery to most. Quiet people can seem a bit like a blank slate. To most people, they’re a mystery, because they only open up to those they trust. Extroverts wear their personalities for all to see, but getting to know an introvert can be an enriching experience as you slowly pull away those layers. You’ll get to be one of the few people who really know this secretly complex person.

We create a good balance to extroverts. Sometimes opposites attract. In workplaces or school projects, having a good mix of different people can be very beneficial. The extroverted people will likely want to be the ones presenting the new information or leading the group, while the introverts will happily work behind the scenes. A lot of friendships and relationships have an extroverted and introverted pair; they can form a nice harmony when both respect who the other is.

We can make a great leader. I mentioned earlier about extroverts preferring to lead. Introverts can make great leaders as well even if they don’t seem to have a natural affinity to it. An introverted leader will usually be more connected to their team and will listen to other’s opinions. A lot of world leaders are introverts who learned how to speak up (in very convincing ways). There isn’t a type that is better than the other. Everyone has their own style of leadership and that’s what makes life interesting, I say! I admit I don’t have a desire to lead in the classical sense, but I want to lead by inspiration (Through writing, posting encouraging things on social media, etc.)

We’ll be loud about things we care about. Introverts are naturally quiet, but when you get them talking about something they’re really interested in, they’ll never shut up. Some of the greatest public speakers are introverts. When you’re really passionate about something, you’ll make yourself speak up so that others can hear what you have to say. Once I went to an ex’s work holiday party and shook hands with his manager. She remarked about how sweet I look; he told her that I have a strong personality behind the cute exterior. She replied with “Oh I know. I saw that fire in her eyes.” It’s there, you just have to look for it. 😉

We’re comfortable being alone. There’s a quiet confidence about people who aren’t afraid to eat alone, shop alone, or travel alone. It can be an enriching experience that allows you to get comfortable in your own skin. Everyone needs a social life to some degree, but being alone more allows you time to get to know yourself and find meaning in life without needing others to make you happy. That’s a really powerful trait to have. Be proud of it. ❤

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