How Weather Can Help Inspiration

There’s something about rainy days. I find those to be the most inspiring for writing or creating in general. The dark sky creates a different mood and vibe, less people are outside, mist and fog form in the forest which brings a fantasy vibe. I’m a pluviophile at heart.

Autumn weather inspires me, too. There’s something about fresh, crisp air as the leaves change colour. I find fall refreshing and it’s often been the season where I really crave change. This has translated to some of my most productive writing as well.

Spring weather gets me, too. The moody weather usually brings a lot of rain and you’re seeing a lovely contrast between blossoms and the slate grey skies. Gets me every time. I find the dreamy atmosphere it creates can help put you in the headspace of a dramatic story.

I’ve often said that I find sunny summer days the most challenging to write. The nice weather usually makes me want to walk more and it’s usually more of a social/explorative time of year – beach days, dates, patio meals and drinks, road trips. That said, I’ve found a way to stay creative during the brighter summer months. I’ll often write outside at a patio after a walk which keeps me productive. I also noticed that a lot of writing work in the summer is editing the writing I did in the winter/spring. Summer is a great time to edit, because the work is still creative, but it’s more of the fine tuning part so it can be a bit of a break from the highly inspired phases I’m usually in. Dusk can be stunning at this time of year and twilight lasts longer. I’ve also done my fair share of creating new stories in the summer – they’re usually inspired after a storm or a stunning sunset.

Winter is also inspirational, especially after a fresh snow fall. It’s like the world has been transformed. The brisk air, smell of smoke from wood burning stoves, and the darker skies can bring about some cool ideas. I’ve always loved the look of leafless trees reaching up for the grey skies. It’s a setting for an epic tale waiting to happen.

Any season can be inspiring. I do find certain weather is better to fuel my imagination, but I always try to tune in to the elements that make me want to write so I can keep creating all year.

(Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels)

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  1. I’m fascinated with the sky. I’m always looking up! One thing about the sky and weather is that you simply have to take a picture. What you see you will never see again.

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