It’s My 11 Year Blog Anniversary!

My notifications told me that today is my official 11th year of being a blogger. I should have seen this coming since my 11 year Twitter anniversary happened just a few days ago. I remember getting Twitter & starting this blog before I published my first novel. It’s really cool to look back at the stage I was at in my writing 11 years ago. I didn’t have a social media “presence” at all and I remember getting Twitter & WordPress to connect with readers, writers, and market my book.

I was new to writing and had very high hopes of being a successful writer and all that. I certainly didn’t get signed with a publisher nor did I make a lot of sales, but I’m happy with the path I’ve ended up on. I took some amazing journeys and I’ve seen some beautiful places all while creating new stories from my mind. I’ve written stories that I’m really proud of. Many of them have sad or bittersweet endings. My intention behind these stories and their endings was always to make people think, or feel something strong for someone else. I’ve published a number of stories now and I definitely want to change the direction of my books moving forward – as I should after over a decade of writing.

I’m excited to publish a new book this year. On this blog, my plan is to share a few more free stories that I’ve already published. What I want even more than book sales is for people to read my stories. So, I’ll be happy to share a new story on this blog very soon for your reading pleasure.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog – and some of you have followed and supported my blog for years now! I really appreciate you all. Xx

Until next time, happy writing/reading. 🙂

(Photo by Tairon Fernandez from Pexels)


  1. Congrats on the two 11-year anniversaries! That’s great persistence to keep spreading the word about your writing. And it’s wonderful that you feel proud of the stories you’ve written. I go through a lot of self-doubt while writing, but the pride comes after the stories are finished.

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