A Seahag’s Song: Chapter One

Good day, everyone. Surprise! I am going to post my seaside fantasy adventure for free on this blog. It’s an exclusive privilege of being a reader on Sara Kjeldsen Writes! 🙂 As you may have guessed, this story is about a sea hag. She develops an odd connection with a young woman who lives on land. The first feeling she gets is sheer jealousy. Where will this story lead? Read on to find out. I really hope you enjoy reading it! Here is the first chapter!


I hear her singing long before my head comes out of the water. I peel my dripping hair away from my eyes, squinting at the bright sun. Humans always seem to love sunlight, but I hate it. I much prefer the cooler, darker depths of the sea, yet I brave the air so I can behold the singer in my midst. Her voice is a soft soprano, naturally melodic. I am quite far from shore; I remain just behind a large boulder as she skips toward the water. She’s holding a white parasol with both hands. She is willowy with long blonde hair. She has that iconic brand of virginal beauty with an angelic voice. The kind of girl that men want to corrupt – or protect. She hasn’t been tarnished by age, pain, or gravity yet. I hate her so much that the fire from deep within me rises to the surface, warming my damp flesh.

I dip below the ocean’s surface to cool my face. My heart races so quickly that I hear the blood throbbing in my ears. I need to see a closer view of her even if it will pain me. I stop swimming when I reach a cluster of rocks. I bop my head above the calm waters and stare at the shoreline princess once again. Closer, I can see the full extent of her beauty. Her skin is milky and smooth, her body is lithe, fit, fertile. Young.

Her strides are girlish, quick and bouncy, as she steps from rock to rock on the shore. I think she comes there to escape the world, to be a carefree girl again. Though she is young, she looks to be within acceptable marrying age. She must have a beau. I can sense things about people; I am certain that a handsome young man has claimed her hand. Women act and move differently when they are in love. I have not yet become so dead inside that I forget this.

The blonde girl stops rock jumping to look out at the sea. I think I hear her sigh as she takes in the view. Her breasts can be seen through her form-fitting white gown. They are small and perky. Her shoulders and hips are the same width while her waist is narrow. Her white dress is rather simple, but it is brought to life by her streamlined hourglass figure. Her legs are long and shapely. One of them is showcased by a high slit at the side of her gown. Her straight posture makes my mouth water. She is a woman who is on top of the world and I want to see her fall.

She begins to sing again. My desire to kill reawakens. I have never wanted to murder someone so much in my life. Trust me, I have ended many lives who dared to be in my midst. I have brought men to their deaths with my songs at sea. My long, thick red hair can be deceiving. I cover my aging body with it and turn my old lady face away from them. I draw them in with my voice, which still sounds strong and beautiful despite everything. I make them believe that they are about to come in contact with a beautiful mermaid. Once they touch me, they are under my spell. I become a siren in their eyes. I paralyze them then I do whatever I want. What I want is to eat them. Humans taste better than sea creatures. I can’t lie.

Beautiful women ashore mock sea hags, but they are no match for me out here. I would sink my sharp teeth into their skinny necks without blinking. The chances of that happening are slim, I know. I have yet to see a woman bravely set sail on her own. Some venture to the shores, a few swim within the shallow waters, but none voyage. I wonder why. Are they so enslaved by the men in their lives that they only dream about freedom rather than taking it by the throat?

I’m in a strangling mood today.

Men, to be frank, are easy to fool. Just the mere idea of a naked lady in the water will draw them away from their boats and from the safety of their mates. They swim like idiots over to the rock I sit on. It really doesn’t matter that I’m old and sagging and wrinkled. I have powers that go well beyond the physical. I know how to get what I want. What I want now is to kill a beautiful woman. Her. The blonde doll who I am staring at with a wicked grin. She has no idea that her time is limited. Oh, how wonderful it will be when the day comes. I crave the taste of her flesh, but what I would love the most is to destroy one of their beloved like they destroyed me.

I was still a maiden when they threw me out into the darkness. I was a singer who wore elegant gowns just like the flawless woman on the beach that I want to kill. Perhaps I was never as stunning as her in my prime, but I was beautiful. My skin used to be smooth and firm like hers. I was once able to run, skip, and climb until age seemed to sneak up on me like a thief in the night.

In youth, my singing used to draw people from faraway villages to see me perform. That was how much they loved me. At least, until I was no longer beautiful on the outside. My outward beauty faded quickly when life dealt me with a few hard blows. There were more beautiful women than me who wanted to rule the stage. The people tossed me aside like I was nothing more than yesterday’s trash. How they laughed at me, at my ugliness. Land people are no kinder than I am. People just want me to be evil because they think I’m ugly. The truth is that they hate sea hags because they are free from men’s power. No one can control us out here. That’s what makes us so feared.

I’m a merciful murderer. I don’t draw out my victim’s suffering. They barely know what hit them as I draw them under my spell. The men I’ve killed are always so lonely. They never tell me this, but I know. I see the look in their eyes as they make their way over to me, desperate to see a female of any kind who miraculously appeared to them at sea. The moment they discover that I am an ugly sea hag, I cast my spell on them and they are happy again. I become who they want me to be, perhaps the younger version of myself, or someone else entirely. I never know what they see. I don’t ask and they don’t tell me, but I do know that I am overcome with desire when I see the helpless vacancy in their gaze. The sense of power I feel from their helplessness is an incredible sensation.

I watch my young blonde victim as she bends down to pick up a shell at her feet. She throws it into the water then walks away. Luring her won’t be easy, but the catch will be exhilarating. I just need to watch her a little closer.

She returns to the shore around the same time the next day. It is another miserable hot, sunny day, but worth dragging myself away from the cool waters for. I hear her singing and make my way back to shore, careful to stay close to the rocks. She dances this time, twirling around. Her light blue gown flows elegantly around her as she moves. She is stunningly happy. I feel hot all over imagining the smile disappearing from her pretty face, to see the light fade from her eyes. I ball my fists and sink deeper into the water as I fantasize about her murder.

I emerge again and pull seaweed from my hair while she dances blissfully in the sand like a little girl. It is like she knows that someone is watching her. She wants to make people who are below her feel even worse about themselves. That’s what girls like her do; it is almost as though they are created solely for that purpose. I smile and my face hurts. I have her to thank for that. I haven’t smiled in so long.

She takes off her dress and steps into the water wearing only her chemise, clearly proud of her figure. Her graceful legs walk deeper into the water. She is not so far away from me now. I could sink my teeth into her neck as she floats about admiring herself and gloating about her beautiful life, but that would ruin the fun of thoroughly destroying her.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two which will be posed on Wednesday! Thank you for reading.

(Photo by John Cahil Rom from Pexels)

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