Book Review: Second Star (Neverland Transmissions #1)

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I’ve always loved the story of Peter Pan – the whimsicality of Neverland, the characters, the longing inside all of us to keep our inner child alive. I enjoyed this futuristic re-telling and I have to say that Wendy was totally badass. She’s a captain who’s in charge of a mission to rescue Captain Hooke after receiving a transmission that he needs help being rescued from a far off planet.

On the way, her ship unceremoniously crashes and that’s where she meets Peter – a daring and devious boy who gets on her nerves in the beginning. She also meets Hooke by accident and realizes he’s far from the person she’s idealized all her life. This is a page turner story of adventure, friendship, and never giving up. This story is perfect for anyone who enjoys fresh remakes of classic fairy tales. You’ll love this version of Wendy and Peter!

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