Book Review: Star Crossed

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This is an incredible story about a high ranking SS soldier and a strong-willed Jewish woman who meet and form an unlikely connection. This is a dark time in human history and the author illustrates the fear and anger one feels when the world dehumanizes them. Hidalgo does not shy away from the atrocities of war and violence and the Nazis running the camp were portrayed realistically as were the prisoners.
It’s a fascinating read that draws you straight into the setting along with the characters. I enjoyed Klara, one of the main characters in the story, and was amazed at her ability to overcome debilitating fear and stand up to monsters. I could also understand her frustration in being forced to hide while the men fight and I believe her principle in defending the innocent against the sick Nazis was what drove her to become as bold as a lion. Neumann, the other main character, is as brutal as it gets when it comes to villains. Without spoiling anything, he learns of a life changing secret that turns the story into a whole new yet exciting direction.

I enjoyed the use of humor in this story and it added so much humanity. It illustrates that humans can go through so much pain and horror yet still have the ability to fight and do what it takes to survive – and sometimes sharing a laugh in a dark moment is how they cope. There’s brutality on both sides of the war, but when violence is taken out on a Nazi it’s usually for revenge.
I love how the book demonstrates the bravery and resiliency of the prisoners sent to those terrible camps. The character development was excellent, particularly for the main four people that the story follows. I love redemption stories and this one did not disappoint. The dialogue was enticing – especially between Klara and Neumann when they reconnect – and I couldn’t stop turning the pages.
This is an excellent read that I’d recommend to anyone.

My rating: 5/5 stars !

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