Book Review: Get In My Head (Jared’s Story)

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I couldn’t put this book down! I cared about Jared’s predicament from the very first page. I enjoyed the author’s writing style of switching between journal entries and Jared’s real-time action and dialogue. Get In My Head: Jared’s Story is a heart-wrenching tale of a boy who suffers from a serious mental illness. It really dives deep into how someone would be feeling and thinking when they are admitted to a mental institution, injected with sedatives, and forced to cooperate as mental health professionals figure out what is going on with their head and how to help them fix it.

This story explores the deep pain that people with mental illnesses face as well as the dark side of asylums – not every nurse, therapist, or orderly is going to be kind. In fact, sometimes abuse can happen to patients and it’s really hard for them to report these things, because, well, everyone believes that they are crazy. I rooted for Jared the whole way. He was so brave, even when the earth-shattering truth is revealed to him – what really happened to his mother and why she hasn’t been able to see him at the hospital.

Stories like this need to be told and I’m so glad this book exists.

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Thank you for reading. 🙂


    • I’m really sorry to hear you had to experience this. 😦 It’s sad that a field which requires much compassion and patience often attracts people who abuse their power. They need to be more open and welcoming to depressed people rather than turning them away. I hope you’ve found a counselor who’s more helpful!

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