You Can Now Read 3 Stories For Free On My Blog!

I’ve now published 3 of my books on this blog that you can read them for free! If you’re ever looking for a new read and don’t want to spend money on a new book, you’re always welcome to check these stories out. They’re very different from one another, but they all focus on adventure and self reflection.

I’m going to link them below so you can have a read whenever you’d like. Each story has its own page with a table of contents for easy viewing.

The Red Coat & The Redhead: A young British officer, Jon, deserts the army after the shock of his best friend’s death. He runs into a Colonial girl named Jill who nearly shoots him. Despite their opposing sides, they connect as she helps dress his wound. They long to escape from the terrible violence that has soaked the atmosphere in Boston and turn their misfortune into an adventure.

But will the war catch up with them and quench the freedom that they long for?

The Pup & The Pianist: Thirteen-year-old Max is a powder monkey aboard the HMS Wind, a British warship. When they reach the other side of the world, the French are discovered and battle breaks out at sea. Merciless cannons tear both warships to shreds right before a storm hits. Left with the choice to either sink along with his burning ship, or make the impossible swim to The Galapagos islands, Max makes it to foreign lands barely alive. He soon discovers an enemy lying on the shore, but the French boy’s face is burned so badly that he can no longer see. Far away from their homes, the war, and their countrymen, Max and his new companion fight to survive in their new reality at the end of the world.

A Seahag’s Song: Ella seeks out sailing men, lures them with her beautiful voice, and eats them once they are under her spell. Everything changes when she hears another beautiful voice stirring the air. She finds a young blonde woman on the beach who embodies Ella’s idea of perfection. At first she longs to kill her like the rest of them, but there’s something different about this one. Will this new connection be enough to reconnect Ella with her humanity, or will she give in to her violent urges and kill another?

(Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels)