How Blogging Has Improved My Book Review Skills

I’ve read a lot of indie books over the last few years and I’ve reviewed close to 100 of them. I went a little reader happy when I thought of all the indie authors I could support by giving their book a sale & a review! The thing I noticed is that when you read a lot of books and try to cram in a certain # per year, you might not be able to sit back and enjoy each story as much. As a result, some of the reviews I wrote were on the shorter side. Not that some writers mind a short review – any Amazon review is helpful. Apparently, once a book receives 50 reviews, Amazon will start to pay attention to it more and will promote it. My heart was in the right place, but I want to make an effort to put forth more in depth reviews for the future – I think both authors and readers will appreciate it.

I’ve cut down my reading goal to a more reasonable 25 books per year. I’m still going to beat that goal in a few weeks here (LOL!), but the idea is to give me more time with each book and give the author’s story the attention it deserves. While some of my past reviews were longer (Check out my review for Lost Girl!), I want to ensure each book gets a couple of paragraphs to give it some love. I’ve noticed it’s been nice slowing down and reading a story without any pressure to push through and read the next story. I think most authors are happy to know they’re on someone’s to-read list and don’t expect readers to rush. I know I don’t.

I also want to thank everyone who’s been interested in the book reviews I’ve posted so far. It makes me happy when someone comments saying they’ll check a book out. This is super cool to me and it feels like I’m really doing my job as a book blogger – supporting authors. 🙂 Thank you all again for your amazing support and interest.

Until next time, happy reading! Xx

Photo by Aline Viana Prado from Pexels