Book Review: Left In Good Spirits

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The blurb:

Forensic psychologist Dr. Kenny Halpin works too much, and she’s been pushed to the precipice of heartbreaking personal and professional change. She can tolerate anything if she knows she’s making a difference in the lives of the youth she works with at the Merivale jail. But, when she’s faced with shocking news about a former client, she risks everything to keep a promise and find redemption. 

The review:

This book captured my interest from the first pages and it dives deep into what goes on in the youth criminal justice system – especially how an Aboriginal youth gets accused of resisting arrest when he was in fact caught and kicked repeatedly by the cops. I like how Kenny, the therapist and main character in the story, was able to talk to the kids on their own level. A few of them really respond to her, because she respects them. I enjoyed how she reunites with one of her clients later on and the ending is explosive and exciting. This book is a definite page-turner that leaves you wanting more. Good thing it’s the first book in a series. Keep writing, Anne Pleydon!

My rating: 5/5 stars

You can check out this story and how to buy it on Goodreads!


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