Book Review: Blood Drive

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My review:

This is the first book I have ready by Aegan and I have to say that I was drawn in from the beginning. “Humans have always played the game of predator and prey…” I liked how Aegan portrays the vampires in his story. They are the true monsters of the world, lurking in the shadows, no longer human, but existing on a new order. I was drawn to one of the vampires in particular, Christian, as he has struggled to accept his identity of being a vampire. I also enjoyed the priest – who doesn’t love a kick ass priest who’s experienced in fighting off werewolves? The book’s flair for dark comedy and the pacing of the story kept me turning the pages. I enjoyed the author’s humour and story-telling as I was drawn into the lives of his book’s complex characters. I will be reading more books from Aegan in the future.

You can read Aegan’s book here !