Book Review: Mellexy (Through Your Eyes)

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My review:

This book of poems was very romantic with a focus on eyes. When two people connect and fall for one another, so much can be communicated through the eyes. The poems are written from the perspective of a man in love who adores his lover. I enjoyed the passages and the author’s words are a good reminder of how one feels when they are truly in love. Some passages are more sensual while others focus on the emotional connection of two people in a healthy realtionship.

I admit that I’m not usually a reader of love poems, but this was so refreshing to read. It’s a good reminder that you know you’re in mutual love with someone when reality is better than your dreams. To me, this is the only type of love worth having.

I thought I’d include some of my favourite passages:

“One of a kind.”

“You are like walking poetry.”

“No one sees me the way you do.”

“My reality and dreams are the same for I am blessed to be loved by you.”

“A goddess glowing in her gracious wake.”

“A world with you is glamourous.”

“A love that doesn’t age a day.”

“Black satin and lace.”

“You build me up and raise me up.”

You can check out this lovely poetry book on Goodreads and be sure to give this talented author a follow too!