A Writer Answers Popular Google Questions About Writing

Welcome to another episode where I answer popular Google questions about writing-related matters! I hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Is writing an art? There’s different opinions on this, but if you ask me, I say that creative writing is definitely an art. I see it as like painting with words.

Is writing on your skin bad? Well, that’s a good question! I’ve done this from time to time with a sharpie if I needed to jot down a # or something really quick. Sharpie markers are apparently non-toxic and most pen companies make non-toxic ink so it should be okay if you do it once in a blue moon. It’s probably better to just enter any information you need into your phone though.

Is writing fanfiction illegal? It most certainly isn’t and it’s one of the most popular genres of writing. It’s pretty popular on sites like Wattpad and some popular books actually started out as fan fiction.

Is writing a hobby? It depends on what you make of it. For some people, writing is a fun hobby while for others it’s more of a business. For myself, I like to see it as more of a hobby right now, because the business/marketing end of writing was starting to drain me. I’d rather see it as an art than a product. That’s just me.

Is writing a form of art? It really is. It takes skill to paint a picture in someone’s mind by using the right phrasing and the most descriptive words without being too, er, wordy. Some writing styles are very stylized and feel more like an art.

Is writing a verb? Yes, it is. πŸ™‚ “I will write a new story tomorrow.” Write is the verb.

Is writing on money illegal? Apparently this one is actually legal. It’s apparently an offence to destroy coins, but writing on bills won’t get you in any trouble with the law.

Is writing a talent? Yes. Many people can write, but not everyone can write well. Writing skill can be subjective for the most part, too. The real talent with writing is drawing in the reader and enticing them to keep turning the pages. It takes work and a lot of effort to keep the story interesting enough to keep reading. It’s definitely a talent.

Is writing in cursive faster? It’s faster than printing, yes. Typing is way faster than writing in cursive, though, which is why I don’t handwrite my stories. My hand can’t keep up with my brain.

Is writing a book profitable? That’s a loaded question. For some people it is. Enough people make a secondary income off writing and a few get rich off of it. For the most part, writers don’t make a lot of money. Many writers write because they love the craft.

So, there we have it! I hope you enjoyed this little q&a session! I know I had fun. I learned a few things myself today. Happy writing! Xx


  1. Writing is a skill, art, and therapy all rolled into one. When you write a story, prose, or a poem it gives life a sense of wonder. Ernest Hemmingway said all first drafts are rubbish, even the greats wouldn’t write perfect first time round. Isn’t that the point. When we first write it isn’t perfect, but that okay because it doesn’t have to be.

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