On Editing Your Writing

Editing is a very important part of the writing process.

I tend to edit most of my stories around ten times. With my novels, it can sometimes take around 20x. 50,000 words + is a lot to go through and it’s easy to miss little typos here and there, along with other details. We all have our own process. Some people claim to not edit their work at all after a first draft – that’s totally their choice though my opinion is a longer work (Novellas and novels) should get at least a couple of edits. For a flash fiction or short tale, I could definitely see the author not wanting to touch the original stream of consciousness. The story is usually tighter and there’s less margin for error because there’s less words. For a novella or novel, the first draft tends to come out pretty rough (and hey if that’s what you’re going for, leave it as is if you want).

I think one thing to bear in mind is that a lot of people slam indie books for not being edited properly, so again, do what you like, but I like to go through the book around ten times at least to make sure it’s as polished as I like it to be. Some people may still hate the style of my writing, but at least it’s been edited and I personally love my style. 🙂

I see the first draft as the real outline of the story. I like to get the skeleton of the book down fairly quickly so that I can add to it later. Editing, for me, is where a big part of the creating begins. This is why I enjoy it so much! You get to fine tune everything, add details, take away messes, and just have fun with the story.

I’m currently at the editing stage of my new novella and I’m very happy with this. I’m looking forward to editing it when I get home later. 🙂

I hope this little post encouraged you wherever you are with your writing right now. Editing can be fun and enriching. Like everything, it’s what you make of it that matters.

Happy writing, fam!

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