Book Review: Destiny Of A Girl

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My review:

I was really impressed with this story and I admit I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was intrigued. I’m so glad I read Destiny of a Girl because Tongue did such a great job at story telling. I enjoyed the quotes from people at the start of each chapter and the story kept moving forward with no filler scenes. This was one wild, entertaining, and gripping read. Destiny and Crystal are top porn stars and while the two girls are opposites both physically and personally, I love how strong their friendship is.

There’s a stereotype where women are always competing with one another and these two break it. There should be more realistic and strong female friendships like this one! Destiny’s a sweet girl with dreams of going to Argentina with her mother but ends up getting caught up in a horrible married man’s (Clive) life. She sees how quickly the public can go from loving and admiring her to slamming her. I enjoyed some of the lessons this book teaches, like how toxic a famous life can be and it isn’t all glamour. Destiny becomes pretty wise through her unfortunate experiences and I love how kind she remains despite going through some very traumatic things.

I enjoyed how things turned out for her and the other characters and in the end Clive got more than what he deserved for messing up several lives. Clearly, this story made an impression on me. It was a great read and I’m intrigued to read more books by Dean Tongue.

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