My Phases Of Being A Blogger

My blog has underwent some transformations since I started it over a decade ago. I thought it would be fun to share some of the phases I’ve went through as a blogger. πŸ™‚

2010 – I’m a new writer and I want to be traditionally published! I’m starting a blog to build my readership and connect with some other authors. I imagine myself living off my books in another ten years. My first ever blog post: To write is an adventure

2011 – I still want to find an agent who loves my book, but I’m hearing more things about self-publishing being a viable option. I’m doing a lot of research on WordPress blogs.

2012 – Okay, pot twist! I got tired of waiting for agents to pick up my books after a year of querying. Self-publishing it is! Now it’s time to explore why it’s a great choice and learn a lot along the way. πŸ˜› This is still early in my writing career, but this was quite an interesting year for blogging.

2013 – My blog is becoming more experimental as I travel Western Canada and explore writing more flash fiction. My creativity really pushed the boundaries from my previous writing. I feel like this is the year I was truly able to start exploring myself in every aspect. I also became more active in talking about social justice, like when I wrote this post about writing for change.

2014 – While still traveling and writing, I began exploring some interesting topics and posting them on my blog. I deleted some of them since they could be taken the wrong way (During my self-exploration as a writer, I made assumptions that writers were meant to be unstable) and they no longer reflect my outlook or beliefs. I like this post I wrote about writing from the opposite gender’s point of view. I suppose it’s no surprise why I wrote a lot about people undertaking journeys. I was on a great one myself.

2015 – I experimented with flash fiction this year, too. After settling in my dream city and living in a cozy room, I became less of a travel hippy and more of a girly urban girl again. These things influence your creativity – what your current living situation is can impact your writing a lot. With more space to be freely myself, my story writing started to flourish beyond super short pieces. With more financial stability, I was able to nurture myself and longer stories as a result. I ended up deleting most of my posts from this year (along with a lot of my other flash fiction pieces since I published them in a book called She & The Wolf). One of my all time favourite flash fiction pieces is called One Day. It takes me back to the cool mood I had during that era.

2016-2020 – This is the period of time where I barely blogged. I thought it was better to focus on writing than blogging. Not surprisingly, this was my most productive book writing time where I wrote and published several books on Amazon. I blogged here and there, mostly only posting story drafts while reading other blogger’s stories. (I later deleted these stories to publish them on Amazon). A tidbit I wrote last year is about some more things I’ve learned as an indie author. After a few years in the self-publishing industry, I’ve started to earn my stripes.

2021 – My desire to blog has come back with a vengeance. I now enjoy it as much as I love writing stories. Blogging in itself is writing – it’s just another format to share ideas. I’m excited and optimistic about the new path my blog is taking. It’s come a long way! I’ve posted 4 free books now and I have this unstoppable inspiration for new blog topics. I’m also an official book blogger since my plan is to post at least one book review per week. I want to help other indies and hopefully attract book lovers to my blog. My favourite post from this year would have to be 5 Reasons Why It’s Fun To Be An Indie Author. It is totally in line with the vision I had when I first started blogging.

Cheers to a fun filled last quarter of 2021! πŸ™‚ Happy blogging, everyone. Xx Thank you for reading.

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  1. 11 years blogging! That’s such a long time!! I enjoyed reading about your blogging journey. Thank you so much for sharing it❀️

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