About KDP Select

I’ve enrolled my books in KDP Select for the last several years to take advantage of book promotion options and to increase the potential of increasing sales. I received a bonus from the KDP Select Fund once in the ten years that I’ve self-published. I’m not sure why I earned it that time nor why it hasn’t happened again, but it seems that my book sales aren’t earning enough for me to get another share. So while the opportunity is there, I’ve noticed that it hasn’t had a pay off – considering that I have over ten books enrolled in KDP Select.

One thing I’ve liked about KDP Select is that you have the option to do Kindle countdown deals or free book promos. I admit that these did help me get a little boost in sales back in January. I gave away all of my books for free last December and I noticed that I got more sales the following month – I think it had to do with me promoting the deals (Or maybe it was more to do with people having a little extra spending money for books after Christmas).

While KDP Select has its pros, I’ve decided to withdraw future memberships with it for all of my books. For one thing, you can’t sell your ebooks anywhere else with KDP Select since you’re required to be exclusive with them. Another reason why I’ve decided to withdraw from it is that I want to see if I’ll earn more from sales. You won’t get royalties from a Kindle Unlimited buy – at least not right away. I heard that you might receive a royalty retroactively if you made enough for the KDP Select Fund, though this hasn’t seemed to work out for me. I saw another writer on Twitter mention that she saw more royalties once she withdrew her books from KDP Select so that’s a pretty big tip! I’d rather receive money I’ve worked for than receive promotion benefits. I think the pay off will be better when I stop using KDP Select.

One thing to remember if you want to withdraw from KDP Select: You’ll have to wait until the term expires. So you can choose to not have it renewed for the next term, but you’ll need to wait until it phases out before you can officially withdraw. The terms last for 90 days and you always have the option to renew or not renew.

On that note, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, all my books are still available for free since they’ll phase out starting in October-November. Now’s your chance to take a browse if you’d like to and pick up a few of my books for free. I’ll include the link here:

https://www.amazon.com/Sara-Kjeldsen/e/B078WG4CQJ?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1630349030&sr=8-1 They’ll be available on Kindle Unlimited for another couple of months.

I hope you found this helpful. It’s really up to you what you decide to do when it comes to KDP Select. I thought I’d share an update on what I’ve decided to do with it.

Are you with KDP Select? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

(Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels)