Book Review: A Relentless Decade

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The question is: Did slavery really end?

This book is written in the form of an essay listing the several needless deaths of black people in the recent years including George Floyd. They were murdered because of the colour of their skin. Some were completely innocent, such as the man who was jogging in his neighbourhood and shot because of racial profiling. The author gives a brief history lesson on black slavery in America and when it officially ended in 1865. There are images from Black Lives Matter protests throughout the book as well. The author asks again “Did slavery really end?”

“Even though we’re not getting bought or traded … we’re still getting portrayed in a different way.”

The author writes her thoughts in a clear, concise manner and she makes her point that things need to change if we’re ever going to see equality for all races. All humans bleed the same colour, yet there’s still so much focus on the colour of one’s skin. The author concludes that we need to create solutions to put an end to the hate and suffering caused by racism. The book’s final quote is genius and something we should all remember.

I hope you will give this book a read!

You can find out where to purchase this book here and her Twitter handle is @ChantalJenninhs ! 🙂 Thank you for reading.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I think we all need to do more to make things equal between each other. I was in a history class, as a teaching assistant, and gained a better understanding of just how unequal it is.

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